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Specialist Machinery

  • Weidenmann M6 Terra Spike and the larger Terra Spike P6.

    The Terra Spike has made its name as one of the best deep 'verti draining' machines specially designed for sports grounds, recreational areas, golf courses, and municipal parks.

    Regular deep spiking and aeration is a pre-requisite for healthy root growth. Once ground is decompacted, the roots can penetrate deeper into the ground thus making better use of water and nutrients. Water and air circulation instantly improve, while thatch is removed and sheering strength increased.

    Available for hire, with operator and working behind either our 35hp compact or 45hp mid sized tractor, both on turf tyres, the Terra Spike has a working depth of up to 14" and a full range of tine sizes available from 8mm pencil tine to 25mm solid tines.

  • Blec Multiseeder 1800.
  • The Blec Multiseeder is an ideal overseeder for working on both fine turf and amenity areas ranging from sports and outfields to golf greens, bowling greens and tennis courts. It is a fast efficient way of seeding and surface aerating with virtually no surface disturbance. Available for hire, with operator and working behind either our 35hp compact or 45hp mid sized tractor, both on turf tyres, the front twin floating spike rollers punch approx 1500 (flower pot) holes per square metre. A rear drag brush incorporates the seeds into the holes, and the rear roller finally firms up the surface.

  • Groundsman 345HD.

    The 345 Groundsman Turf aerator is recommended for use on structured turf and is the most popular choice for maintaining bowling greens, cricket squares and other fine turf surfaces.. The machine uses an elliptical plunge action mechanism for a clean surface finish and can punch holes from 35mm to 75mm apart, at an adjustable depth of up to 125mm. We have a range of tine sizes available ranging from 8mm pencil tines in triple holders for regular in-season works, through to larger soild and hollow tines in twin holders for renovation works.

  • Graden GS04.

    Market leading heavy duty Deep scarifier/linear aerator Available For hire with operator.

    Ideal for renovation of Cricket Squares, Golf Greens and Tees, Bowling Greens, Grass Courts.

    Aeration and scarification is recognised by leading groundsmen and greenkeepers as the best way to deal with thatch.

    The Graden removes significantly more thatch & fibre than conventional scarification and aeration, at the same time creating far less surface disruption.

    When using 3mm blades, the Graden will impact around 15% of the surface area, compared to hollow tining at 2 centres, when only 4% of the surface is impacted. Deep scarifying can compliment hollow coring.

    If you're looking for surface aeration and thatch removal, Its so much more efficient using the Graden, recovery time is quicker, plus it creates an ideal environment for overseeding.

    When done in conjunction with topdressing the process creates sand channels at 25mm centres, up to 45mm deep, across the entire surface that not only improve surface drainage and air/water permability but also aggressively manage the control of thatch.

  • Other Turfcare Maintenance and Renovation Machinery:
  • Greensward also have a wide range of turfcare equipment for hire, for all routine and renovation turf works.

  • Sportsturf Materials:
  • Greensward offer the following on a supply only, or supply and apply basis:

    • A wide range of competitively priced sportsturf fertilisers.
    • Topdressings and rootzones.
    • Turf and grass seed.
    • Line paints.
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